Monday, December 17, 2012

Houston, We Have a Tree!

It finally happened: we got ourselves a legit, 100% live, way-bigger-than-a-toddler Christmas tree.

And I'm basically overjoyed by this.

As it turns out, Home Depot is the greatest possible place to buy a tree (or, as I like to call it, a tree acquisition venue) -- Mom's tree reconnaissance was absolutely awesome, especially when combined with my dear friend Christie's dedication in calling local Home Depots to confirm my mom's reports. Mom and Christie FTW!

Target acquired (plus a wreath!), and mission accomplished
Christie went with Brandon and me so she could get a tree too, and it can only be described as ludicrously successful. We all found our respective trees within 15 minutes, and the good folks from Home Depot loaded them into the truck. We were in and out of there in well under 30 minutes, which I think is its own Christmas miracle.
Our tree and Christie's tree, being BFFs in the truck
Brandon and I came home and decorated (while I put on the holiday station on Pandora, obviously), and I've been jumping around and clapping my hands like a little kid ever since then.

Our apartment smells so piney!

It's so pretty and sparkly!


*Collapses into a heap of child-like glee*
As we were putting it up, I suddenly realized why I love Christmas trees and Christmastime so much: some of my happiest childhood memories happened around Christmas, and the tree has always been at the center of it.

I then had what I can only describe as the opposite of a PTSD flashback, so I'll call it a warm and fuzzy flashback: I remembered being six years old, listening to a tape (hey, it was the 80's) of Christmas carols while my parents sat on the couch and read, and lying down next to the tree as I gazed up into its branches. 

I was transfixed by the lights and the way they refracted off the sparkling ornaments. I loved the smell of the pine tree as it mixed with the smell of the fire in the fireplace. I remembered that I'd felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon of absolute peace, safety, comfort, and contentment. I remembered how I'd wished I could stay there forever.

Last night, that same feeling returned whenever I looked at the tree. And that's when I realized: this is why I've been so adamant about getting a tree. I love their celebratory value, sure - but for me they represent a whole lot more than Christmas cheer. They're a symbol of my most beloved childhood memories, and the profound sense of peace, comfort, and joy that Christmas always entailed.

So, with that, here are some light and ornament pictures from this year's tree - because as far as this girl is concerned, pretty and sparkly is the only way to go.



  1. I LOVE your tree, darlin!! It's sooooo pretty :) However, I love your memories with them even more. They match mine tape and all, so this brought back a rush of things I haven't had the chance to experience yet this season. Makes me even more excited for Saturday when I'm going home to decorate with my family and the boy :)

    1. Hooray for tree decorating! It'll be lovely for you to do that with the fam and the boy (!!!). When does he get home? I know you're counting the days! :)

  2. Yay for BFF Christmas trees! Thanks for including me on the Christmas tree procurement adventure - it finally feels like Christmas is here!!

    1. Dude, thank *you* for calling the Home Depot to find out more info, and thanks or coming with us - it was awesome!